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Sntieecr 128 Pieces Epoxy Glitter Tumbler Turner Full Kits with Cup Spinner, Bubble Buster Tool, 36 PCS Glitter Powder, 91 PCS Epoxy Tools Include Adhesive Vinyl for Craft Tumblers

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2019-10-27 00:00:00

Quick Overview

All-in-one kit: 1 x Tumbler turner, 1 x Bubble Buster Tool, 36 x Glitter powders, 6 x Adhesive vinyl sheets, 4 x Transfer films, 6 x Vinyl weeding tools and 74 x Epoxy tools, to provide you everything you want for glitter tumbler making, DIY your own stylish Christmas craft cups with your kids, friends and lovers together@Tumbler turner machine: Made of frosted acrylic let the turner machine more stable, stylish and more resistant to dirt; Concave area of the tube holder to avoid noises; Also the position of the tube holder is adjustable, you can choose the most suitable position based on your cup weight; The foam can be cut to any size to fit different tumblers, the turner covered with protective paper on its surface to prevent from being scratched@Rich glitter powders: Contains total 36 pieces 36 assorted colors glitter powders, with 12 x 50ml glitter powder, 18 x 20ml fine glitter powder and 6 x 20ml chunky glitter powder. The bigger bottle of glitter can be used to decorate the whole cup, while the smaller ones can be used to decorate the details or to make tumbler with gradient colors@Vinyl sheets and tools for tumbler decals: Contains 6 x adhesive vinyl sheets, 4 x transfer films and 6 x vinyl weeding tools, practical tools to make your own unique stylish glitter tumbler with beautiful decals@Practical accessories: Packaged with silicone brushes, sponge brushes, silicone mat, gloves, wood sticks, silicone measuring cup, plastic funnels, plastic spoons, sanding blocks, kraft hanging tags and hemp rope, full epoxy resin tools and accessories for you to make shiny and charming glitter tumblers more easily. If you have any problems for the kit, please feel free to contact us

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Sntieecr Epoxy Glitter Tumbler Kit with 36 Pieces Glitter Powder, Tumbler Turners, Epoxy Tools

Synchronous motor:
AC 100-127V
50/60 Hz 4W
2.5-3 R/MIN

Electric wire:
American standard plug
Approved with UL certification
Wire length: 1 m/39.4 inch

How to make a glitter tumbler:
Step 1: Apply glue on the tumbler with the sponge brush;
Step 2: Sprinkle glitters on it;
Step 3: Coat it with epoxy resin with the silicone brush;
Step 4: Use the tool to clear air bubbles;
Step 5: Done. What a beautiful glitter tumbler!

Package Includes:
1 x Frosted Acrylic Sideboard (with Motor Part)
1 x Frosted Acrylic Sideboard (Tube Holder)
1 x Frosted Acrylic Baseboard
1 x Black ABS Pipe
3 x White Foam
10 x Nuts, Cap Nuts and Screws
4 x Silicone Non-slip Pads
1 x Wrench
1 x Screw Driver
1 x Bubble Buster Tool
12 x 20ml Glitter Powder
18 x 20ml Fine Glitter Powder
6 x 20ml Chunky Glitter Powder
1 x Tape (20mm x 20m)
4 x Silicone Measuring Cups (100ml)
20 x Wood Mixing Sticks
20 x Plastic Gloves (10 Pairs)
5 x Plastic Spoons
3 x Plastic Funnels
2 x Sponge Brush (2.5 cm)
2 x Sponge Brush (4 cm)
3 x Silicone Brushes
2 x Sanding Blocks (120-180 Grits)
1 x White scrapper
3 x Hook weeders
2 x Tweezers
10 x Kraft Hanging Tags
1 x Hemp Rope (5 m)
6 x Adhesive Vinyl Sheets
4 x Transfer Films
1 x Silicone Mat (15.75 x 11.8 inch/ 40 x 30 cm)

1. Use the sanding block between the first coat of epoxy and the second coat. Smooth the tumbler so the decals can be laid flat.
2. Please kindly noted that heat gun have two styles, the white heat gun and the black one will send randomly, it will not affect your used.