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Sntieecr 4 Set Robotic Science Kits, Electric DC Motor Assembly Kits Set for Kids DIY STEM, Science Experiments, Educational Robot Kit

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2023-01-27 18:05:22

Quick Overview

Robotic science kits for kids over 8 years: The robotic kits can encourage kids to DIY science projects, cultivate their science interest from childhood, enhance their hands-on ability and thinking ability. (The robotic toy kit needs to be assembled with the parents. Small parts cannot be eaten.)@4 Robotic kits: Packaging with 4 sets different robotic for kids to assemble, you can create electric balance car robot, doodling robot, reptile robot and worm robot, or you can open your creative to assemble other different robots by yourself, and then attach the double A batteries in it, the robot will be work@Expand your knowledge: When you assembling the 4 set different robots, you will know the knowledge about bionic, robots and graffiti, which you can learn the basic principles of simple circuit, motors, mechanical and engineering, further improve kids to learn circuits and science, inspire their curiosity and creativity@Package including: 4 Pack robot parts, 1 x Balance Robot, 1 x Reptile Robot, 1 x Worm Robot, 1 x Doodle Robot, comes with a small magnetic screwdriver for you easy to assemble, kids can create electric robot toys by themselves with the motors, wires and all small parts, so they can well learn during the assembling times, more fun and interesting@Booklet instructions: The robotic kit comes with a detailed booklet instructions for kids to understand the entire process of installation and easy to assemble the robot. If you want a PDF instructions, you can feel free to contact us and we are pleased to send to your e-mail for your reference

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Sntieecr 4 Set robotic science experiment kits good for kids DIY STEM toys projects

Why us:

Science experiment kits, learn simple principles.

Inspire kids curiosity and creativity.

♥ Balance Robot:

Principle: The balance car is mainly based on a basic principle called "dynamic stability", which is the automatic balancing ability of the vehicle itself.

♥ Reptile Robot:

Geared motor: Geared motor refers to the combination of reducer and motor. The geared motor is usually passed by electric motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed power equipment. A gear combination with different internal sizes of the reduction motor achieves a torque reduction effect.

♥ Worm Robot:

Friction: A force that hinders relative motion of an object. When an object slides on the surface of another object, friction between the contact surfaces that hinders their relative motion is called sliding friction.

♥ Doodle Robot:

Principle: When the rocker rotates, it will always move the bottom plate in the opposite direction, which will cause the motor and the bottom plate to vibrate at a high frequency, and the pen tip will also vibrate up and down. When the tip of the pen leaves the paper, this curved vibration will cause the pen tip to continue to move and achieve the purpose of graffiti.

Package includes:
1 x Balance Robot
1 x Reptile Robot
1 x Worm Robot
1 x Doodle Robot
1 x Small Magnetic Screwdriver
1 x Booklet Instructions

1. Suitable for 8+ years, children should use under the supervision of adults.
2. Please read the instruction carefully, use the correct circuit diagram to avoid short circuit, short circuit will produce high temperature and cause the battery holder case to melt and burned.